English: Late summer evening from Saltcoats

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Although my RA is well-managed now, it didn’t always used to be. By using the medications & exercising as I was able, I have come a long way.

I still need a daily nap. I occasionally wake up with bad RA days where walking & using my hands are nearly impossible. Those days are occasional during the late spring and summer. They worsen in late summer & fall. By late fall & winter, I often sleep a lot, may need to use my cane or walker for even short walks. I feel completely disabled during that time of year. But, when warm weather comes back in the spring, I slowly bounce back & pain subsides. I look forward to my “good times” every year as I feel a little freer from the RA at that time. Although I refuse to let RA define who I am, the pain shows through at times. During those times is when we need the most encouragement of all!