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My mom needed me, so I flew from SC to NJ. But….. Thursday was a busy day & I didn’t get a nap. Not getting the appropriate amount of rest can aggravate my amount of pain.

Here is what happened: Got to the airport @ 5:30 am Friday, flew out at 7 am. My sister picked me up & I went to the hospital to see my mom. My sister went on to work & I stayed with mom all day (just a little cat nap). She was transferred to a rehab center… Let me restate that… Mom’s friend and I had to help her get into her minivan for transport to rehab… Mission impossible… Well almost. I left the rehab center, stressed & exhausted, around 7pm. I slept soundly all night, but when I got up, I knew it would be a bad RA day. Bad morning stiffness, lots of joint pain, not enough energy to get a shower, plus I think I hurt my shoulder getting mom transported yesterday. 🙁 Well, hopefully it will get better as the day progresses. I have to make time to rest today!