This was originally written in February, 2012, but was not posted:

One of my main goals with this blog is to encourage others that deal with RA and other chronic conditions. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling like writing after my bad news at the eye doctor earlier this month. 🙁 I just couldn’t get my mind in gear. I was stuck in “woe is me mode.”

Then, I saw my rheumatologist for my quarterly check-up, which came with more bad news. 🙁 I talked to my husband after the appointment, and I was crying. I didn’t know how I could gather my composure. I didn’t know what to do to get back to thinking positive. Then, my husband said, “It’ll be okay. Its always worse in the winter. Spring is coming soon.”

Just a few kind, but encouraging, words can make such a difference. Granted, kind words can’t heal the body, but they go a long way in encouraging the soul — and ultimately help the mind to get back on track.

Its ok to be sad. Its ok to have some “woe is me” time. But, its not ok to get stuck there. Getting stuck in “woe is me” mode can drastically decrease your quality of life.

RA changes so much in a person’s life but it doesn’t mean your life is over; its just different. There are bad days and good, but kind words from others can help ANY day.

I hope you are encouraged today and that those around you will have a few words of kindness to share. It makes a huge difference.