Welcome to Talk About It Tuesday – my blogging day to remind myself (and hopefully you as well 🙂 ) that talking about your chronic pain struggles is not complaining — It is THERAPY!

I know for some out there that it is difficult to talk to family about your struggles, sometimes even your closest real-life friends just don’t understand. Even though your pain might not be able to be seen physically, it does take its toll. That is where talking about your struggles comes in…

When I was battling RA, my husband who is usually very compassionate and understanding was not so understanding of my pain at first. Even this wonderfully caring man did not think that the pain I said I was in was a true representation of what I really was dealing with. In the first year after my diagnosis, there were times he thought that the pain was “all in my head” and there were times I know he thought I was exaggerating when I could not get out of bed. However, I kept talking to him about it – the struggles I dealt with each day, as well as the little triumphs (Hey, I was able to get out of bed on my own today!! type of things). And eventually, he began to understand what I was going through although it was not until about year 3 after diagnosis. Thank GOD that hubby finally understood.

However, I know there are those out there whose loved ones NEVER understand, accuse you of just being lazy, or exaggerating and my heart hurts for you – living with chronic pain is not a choice and you certainly are not exaggerating or being lazy – I know because I have been there (even my doctor accused me of over-exaggerating my pain descriptions 🙁 Ugh!)

So, if you can’t talk to your loved ones, I urge you to find someone you can talk to – even if it is online in a Facebook group. There are many people out there struggling with am “invisible” illness and they DO know what you are going through… they will listen and they will understand and they may even pray for you. Being able to talk about your struggles and triumphs with chronic pain is so very therapeutic – to find someone or even a group of someones that FULLY understand your struggles and can confirm that you are NOT crazy, lazy, or exaggerating – well, that makes all the difference in the world!

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Talk to you soon!



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