One of my favorite exercises is the hug stretch. Its easy – you can do it anytime… even if you are still laying in bed… and it helps to relieve some of the upper back, shoulder, and neck’s tight muscles. I hope you enjoy this one! {{Reminder, if you are on exercise restriction from your doctor OR it hurts to do this, then please don’t. I don’t want you to get hurt and feel worse.}}

STEP 1: Give yourself a hug and a gentle squeeze.


STEP 2: Same as step one, but reverse which arm is on top and give yourself a gentle squeeze.

STEP 3: Extended arm hug – Hold your arms like the picture shows and give yourself a gentle squeeze again.


AND, last but not least…

STEP 4: Reverse your arms (see the image below) and give yourself one last gentle hug:


And that is how you start your day with a hug!

Feel better today my friends!