napWhen my children were infants, I remember the wise advice from some veteran moms saying “Rest when the baby rests.” Thinking back on that time when they were so little and so needy, that was THE best new mom advice I ever got.

So, here is my “veteran” advice to you: When living with chronic pain, rest when YOUR BODY tells you to rest.

I know it is not always a good time when you feel the need to rest and if you can’t rest right when you need it the most, rest as soon as possible afterwards. Our bodies need to rest, that is why we are supposed to sleep every night for 8ish hours – our bodies are not deigned to keep going like robots on no sleep. Sleep is restorative and healing and we need to do it when our bodies say “enough”.

I am not advocating napping for everyone every day because naps can disturb your ability to sleep at night. HOWEVER, if you are not sleeping at night – which is common for those in chronic pain, a nap may be just what you need to recoup and restore your energy so you can make it through the day.

Even if you don’t want to nap, take some time to lay down and rest your muscles and joints when you are feeling the strain on your body. Every little bit of rest can help you with your energy management so you can make it through your day.

Be well my friends and may your day be a little less filled with pain!


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