Energy conservation. When living with chronic pain and exhaustion, conserving your energy can make a big difference in your sense of accomplishment each day. When you aren’t feeling well and are resting, it is very easy for a day or even multiple days to go by and you feel like you’ve gotten nothing done around the house.  For me, this feeling of worthlessness just added to my stress, which in turn increased my suffering and caused flare-ups. It was an endless cycle.  ; (

So it got me thinking… Bear with me on this one. Lol.

What makes high efficiency washing machines so energy efficient? Well the simple answer is: they just use the exact bit of water and energy that is needed at one time.  If it’s a small load, less water and energy is used.

The same can apply to managing your energy stores while living with chronic pain and exhaustion. When it comes to laundry (and other household chores), doing a little each day is much better than trying to do it all at once.

So that you can thrive and your family can still have clean clothes (and you can be less stressed knowing that you accomplished something), I suggest this:

One – and only one – load of laundry each day. One load washed, dried, folded, and put away each day. You will be conserving energy for other things (like showering and getting dressed – ugh why is that so exhausting?). You will be moving towards having high efficiency days where you can just expend a little bit of energy at a time, get things done, and have energy left over for other things too.

Here’s to your high efficiency day!

Be well today and always. 🙂