Today’s exercise is one that my chiropractor taught me and that I use almost evry single day. It is great for loosening up tight shoulders and relaxing my upper back. He referred to it as “swinging from the doorways” with his strange but amusing sense of humor. Lol. I hope you can find some pain relief from this stretch today…


The stretch is pretty easy but I do appreciate that not everyone is tall enough to reach the top of the doorways in their home. So, if you can’t reach all the way up, you can still do this stretch by reaching as high up on the sides of your doorway as you can.

All I do for this one is reach up, holding onto the frame of the doorway with my fingers. The trick is to NOT put your full weight on the door trim because most of them are just glued or maybe tacked on and you don’t want to rip them off. You are holding onto the doorway more for balance than anything else.

So grab on, then sway slightly forward and then slightly back. I do it a couple of times and that is it… until the next time I do the stretch.

This is probably the stretch I do the most since my “office” is built into a wide closet and the doorway trim is right over my head. I just stand up and stretch whenever I feel the need to. I love it!

I hope it helps you to feel a little pain relief today!!


Here it is… my disclaimer: I am not a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor, just a girl in chronic pain that has discovered some easy moves to make life a little less painful. If you try a stretch and it hurts, don’t push it. Listen to your body. Also, if your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor has you on exercise restrictions, please listen to them before you listen to me. They are the professionals. No matter what, don’t overdo it — the goal is to minimize your pain not increase it. 🙂

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