I could go on and on about this amazing essential oil blend called Peace and Calming, but I will instead just tell you how I use it and how it works for us. I also have a little infographic from younglivingconnect.com that tells you a little more.

I use this on the bottoms of my feet when I am having trouble sleeping and it does help my mind to settle down some. I have even put it on the bottoms of my children’s feet when they have too much energy at bedtime and it is time to settle down. AND I have used it on the nape of the neck (her scruff) of my Jack Russel with her exuberant energy and it helped her to settle down as well as it worked for the kids. 🙂 On a more serious note, I used this oil blend when my grandmother was on hospice care at my home. She enjoyed the evening foot massage and it helped her mind to settle down so she could sleep, despite the fact that her mind was racing as she battled terminal cancer. I would not trade those times with my Mommom for anything in the world and every tme I smell Peace and Calming it reminds me of that time with her.

Here is the infographic I promised, that tells about some of its other uses:


If you want to give some Peace and Calming a try, you can leave me a message in the comments or email me at al***********@hd*******.com and I would be happy to talk to you some more about it. 🙂