Happy Move-It Monday! Today I want to share super easy stretch that you can do from any standing position. And help ease pain on your sides and in your hips. This stretch is very helpful and just getting your day started you can get moving.

It’s easy to do and I’ve included a picture so you know what it looks like. Just be sure and not stretch too far only stretch to the point where it is comfortable and you can feel the stretch. If you overstretch it could pinch and that’s not what you want. Here’s what it looks like:


So you start with standing up tall and then raise one arm over your head while dropping your other shoulder and arm straight down towards the floor. Then you reverse your arms and then the other way.

That’s it! 🙂

So I hope you can give this a try today and get yourself moving and feel little bit better.

May you feel just a little bit better today and always.

Image credit: yogalearningcenter.com